“Is Better i give my tithe to the needy, they need it more than the church” – John Dumelo

Ghanaian actor John Dumelo has disclosed that he prefers to use his tithe to help the needy rather than giving it to the church.

In his view, the tithe money will be of more benefit to needy people than it will be to the church.

Many Ghanaians and churches across the world have often held different views on the phenomenon of tithing. While some believe it is a directive from God, others insist it is not supported by any Biblical evidence.

Although Dumelo believes in tithing, he has revealed that he often gives his tithes to the needy rather than the church.

Taking to Twitter, the actor stated he does not know if his actions are wrong, but he feels that is the right thing to do because the needy “need it more”.

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