US-based Burundian descent Artist, List The Official Video To “Ndi Uwame” (Nduwawe)

Aimé. M. shot the new video for his smoothy spanky hit song Nduwame in the US. It’s a steamy  video, dedicating his love for the love of his life “means your love is forever .

Nduame is currently enjoying massive airplay both on terrestrial and international radio networks, and the video was shot and directed by cedru cedric. Press one ent

Aimé. M. is originally from burundi, a small country in east Africa, but he has been living in Baltimore Maryland, USA since 2002. It Wasn’t until the year of 2006 when Aimé. M. was musically active. While in high school Aimé. M. had an geometry class to which the teacher quited his job, so they gave the class a substute teacher for the whole year. It was two women who the Teachers’ place and they showed up late most of the time. Sometimes before they get to class, Aimé. M.s’ friends would be in the classroom freestyling and beatboxing, and Aimé. M. liked it.

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