I’ll marry a sensible woman next time – Funny Face regrets

Ghanaian actor and comedian Funny Face has taken a swipe at his ex-wife, suggesting she is not an intelligent woman.The popular comedian divorced his wife, Elizabeth Adjoa Ntim, a few years ago following a series of misunderstandings. Their breakup ended up being messy, with both of them leveling petty accusations at each other.Funny Face and ex-wife. Elizabeth is on record to have said that her ex-husband is “not a man” and cannot last for more than two minutes in bed.This obviously incensed Funny Face, who also went public saying his ex-wife cheated on him during their marriage.The comedian said Elizabeth was sleeping with different men and also treated him badly during their marriage.In a latest interview, Funny Face has suggested his ex-wife was a ‘beauty without brains.’According to him, the next time he wants to marry, he will opt for a woman with brains and vision and not one with “big buttocks and breast tricked me into marriage,” Funny Face is quoted as saying “I will marry a sensible person … I want a woman with a vision that you can build a life with. A real woman,” he added.

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