Assassination of Thomas Sankara: France Declassifies a First Batch of Archives in Burkina Faso

The Burkinabè justice has returned in procession of a first batch of archived documents declassified by France within the framework of the investigation on the assassination of Thomas Sankara. The transmitted batch includes the files of the French ministries concerned, in particular of Europe and Foreign Affairs.

A little over a year ago, French President Emmanuel Macron promised in Burkina Faso to make available archival documents as part of the investigation into the death of President Thomas Sankara in 1987. Now , it’s done !

France has forwarded these declassified archival documents – documents and hearings of persons within the framework of the International Rogatory Commission – to the Burkinabè justice system through diplomatic channels on 9 November.

The investigating judge in charge of the Thomas Sankara case, proceeds to classify the documents. It is a question of listing all the documents or documents received, classifying them and assigning them numbers in order to make their operation easy. A tedious job that will take time.

A second batch must then be sent to Burkina Faso in the coming weeks.

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